Music From The Doerfel-Verse

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  • Dead Time (live 2016)

  • Love Is A War

  • Breakaway (demo)

  • Autumn - CityBeach

  • Big Pine Song

  • Still A Man

  • Pour Over - CityBeach

  • Happy New Year(demo)

  • Love Like Yours

  • Worth Fighting For

  • The Movie I'll Never See

  • Morning Love

  • Bloodshot Lies(Acoustic)

  • You Feel Like Home(CityBeach)

  • Sing For You

  • Maybe It's You

  • Call Me Medley - Kurtisdrums

  • Way In My Life

  • Angel Beast

  • If I Promise(Demo)

  • Pulls Me Up - Ben Doerfel

  • Come Back To Me


  • They Don't Know

  • Thought It Was Real

  • NOSTALGIC - CityBeach

  • 3 Years

  • Figured You Out

  • So Far Away

  • Don't Forget Me

  • Bloodshot Lies

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