On My Way

    The Cooper Friendly Feel Good Group's debut album, "On My Way", rendered the band members overwhelming success and fame with songs such as "Thelma Sue" and "Ride in My Truck" soaring to the top of the charts in every country around the globe immediately after it's initial release. The remastered re-released limited collector's edition album only continued the band's reign over the billboard charts and airwaves narrowly annihilating every other artists existence due to the earth's inhabitants lack of interest in any other band's music besides The Cooper Friendly Feel Good Group's. After the near extinction of all other forms...

  • On My Way

  • Ride In My Truck

  • Thelma Sue

  • This Drinks On Me

  • Don't Bogart Me

  • Barbeque

  • Rosette (The Thanksgiving Turkey)

  • Lucky

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