I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I grew up on the road in the entertainment industry and I always had a passion for audio and video production! These are songs I wrote for fun. I also drum and write songs in a band with my brothers. We were Fuel On Fire but now we just go as The Doerfels.

  • Worthy Lofi

  • Thick Lofi

  • You Like Jazz

  • Womp Womp Womp Womp

  • Mario Kurt

  • Call Me Medley

  • First Saw (Feat. ImKidKid)

  • Abdullah Ibrahim Type Beat

  • Jeff Across The Street

  • Christian Values

  • Sooo Sick

  • Lovin You Forever

  • Another Man

  • 4am 4ever

  • Tired of Dreaming

  • Charlie

  • Kurtisdrums Plays Drums

  • Rapping in Tongues

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