The Attic and the River

    Over the space of about a decade, three or four good friends would get together after work or on the weekend, and play music together. Sometimes it was just jamming, and sometimes it was a more methodical production. Either way, Ariel always tried to hit record, and sometimes something beautiful happened. The attic and the river are representative of the two different music studios used in the making of this music. One was in the attic of Ariel's parents' garage, and the other was at his bungalow on stilts down by the river. released March 20, 2022 Ariel Powell- production, drums, vocals...

  • Ocean Bound

  • Bloworld

  • Toxic Sky

  • Swan

  • Homeless

  • Light Sky Shake Ground

  • Laugh at Your Charm

  • Life's Not Lost

  • Moopy Ho

  • Sheriff's Festival

  • Sheriff's Festival II

  • Abandonted Home

  • Gocopter

  • Golden Threads

  • PreChrist

  • Being Outside

  • Hiking with Ghosts

  • Was Waiting for You

  • FourZeroNinerOneFive

  • March Noise

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