Rhythmic Booze

    "Rhythmic Booze" is a fun, upbeat album drenched in playful synthesizer melodies and toe-tapping beats. This collection of tracks combines the spirited energy of a night out with the colorful, whimsical sounds of synthesizers, creating a unique sonic experience that's both lively and charming. Each song in the album weaves a story of festivity, merriment, and a touch of mischievousness, reminiscent of the buzz and fizz of a good drink and great company. The album's essence is captured in its vibrant fusion of genres – from disco and electronica to hints of funk and retro pop – all brought to life through a mo...

  • The Ritalin Ramble

  • Disco Lasers

  • Baby Bed Bugs

  • Wonka and Winky

  • Pixelated Daydreams

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