'deathdreams' was written and performed by Emily Whitehurst, the solo artist behind Survival Guide. Produced and recorded by Bob Hoag in late 2022 at Flying Blanket Studios in Mesa, AZ. At times a darkly sonic and emotional hand grenade and others a poppy shimmering rainbow of rich melodies and textures, 'deathdreams' is a tour de force that showcases the depth of Whitehurst’s songwriting, lyrical imagery, and vocal fortitude. Far-ranging in its topic matter, the album touches on the themes of anxiety, the power of cinema, and the dangers of societal influences, in addition to Whitehurst’s dreams about dying.

  • Bad Little Seed

  • Sour Sorrow

  • Pie

  • Blood Perfume

  • Sharpshooter

  • Lady Neptune

  • wordswordswords

  • Fight Me

  • Don't Feel Bad

  • Stay Dead

  • I'll Picture You

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