Show Me Where They Touched You

    Volume One of Skatenigs Classics! Liner Notes: Chemical imbalance- The first Skatenigs track to be recorded. We recorded live at Trax studio in Chicago under the direction of Al Jourgensen. Lorri Jackson wrote the prologue and performed it the next day. Al worked his magic. Jim and Danny at Wax Trax records loved it and the rest is history. Shit Authority- This was the first track the band had ever written. It started with a 2 Live Crew beat, a punk riff and a general disdain for authority. Horny for Evil- Al and I had joked around during Beers, Steers and...

  • Chemical Imbalance

  • Shit Authority

  • Horny for Evil

  • Passion for Destruction

  • Texas Tattoo

  • Hoosegow

  • Car Crash

  • Stick It In

  • Wake Up

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