Unintended Consequences

    Remixes from the Cleopatra Records and Armalyte Industries' release What Could Go Wrong. Unintended Consequences is the undoubted response to "does anyone make good music anymore?" released September 30, 2023

  • Burn This Motherfucker to the Goddamned Ground (Sick Jokes Remix)

  • Here We Go Again (John Fryer Remix)

  • What Could Go Wrong (Melodywhore Remix)

  • We Can't have Nice Things (Bellhead Remix)

  • PTSTD (Steven Olaf Remix)

  • Seemed Like a Good Idea (Tweaker Remix)

  • We're In This Shit Together (DJ Swamp Remix)

  • Erase Today (WICCID Remix)

  • Hell and Back Again (Joy Thieves Remix)

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