Good Clean Fun... My Ass

    Punk rock may be a traditionally tricky intersection for art and commerce, but former Skatenig Phil Owen has chosen his side. "Everything is for sale," says Owen. In fact, one could say this statement of purpose is at the heart of Choreboy, Owen's retro-punk side-project he founded alongside former Big Boy Chris Gates and fellow Skatenig alumnus Mat Mitchell. Fittingly, then, "We're in It for the Money" is Choreboy's anthem, as well as the lead-off track from the group's debut, Good Clean Fun… My Ass, a punchy little album from a project Owen says takes its name from a scrubbing pa...

  • We're in It for the Money

  • The Walls Are Closing In

  • Out All Night

  • Manimal

  • Alternative to What/Sob Story

  • Dollar Signs

  • Dicks Hate Police

  • Home Sweet Home

  • Ain't Dead Yet

  • Bury Me in Texas

  • Skinheads

  • Bust Your Ass

  • Rub You Raw

  • I'm Not Sorry/Blood Stains/Cashin' In

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