Beware of Banjo

    In 2008, I locked myself in A room with a banjo and this is what came out. This is NOT typical, out of tune, twangy banjo music. I would say this is relaxing, acoustic, instrumental music. I made this as a solo project while performing with The Doerfels, the band I started with four of my younger brothers and our only sister. Anyways, If you dare to listen, Beware of Banjo! If you receive any value from this music, which I loved making, please let me know with any kind of value! ITM TYFYC KTLD, Sir TJ The Wrathful

  • Morristown Blues

  • Angels are Real

  • In The Moment

  • Little Getaway

  • Hide or Seek

  • Under The Couch

  • Let The Buyer Beware(of Banjo)

  • Soda Pop Swing

  • The Dark Song

  • Be My Vision

  • Beer Root Rag

  • The Dark Song(Live with The Doerfels)

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