True Blue

    by Robert Willey (2012).This is the third of my albums in the “blue” series, following “Out of the Blue” (2006) and “Into the Blue” (2007), and like those collections, features a mix of new age experimental bossa nova. It was originally an “enhanced CD”, that is, with two sessions–one to be played in a regular CD player, and another to be read in a computer disk drive, allowing the listener access to liner notes, videos, an interview, lead and lyric sheets, play-along tracks, and links to additional content.

  • I Wish All The Best For You

  • Lilly

  • Born in Belem

  • Sambinho para Joao (Little Samba for Joe)

  • Country Badminton

  • That's How It Goes

  • You Can Only Be So Cosmic

  • Speed Limit Years

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