Heat Lightning

    Long in the making, this follow-up to The Lightningrod Salesman's 'Hiddenkind' album shows the evolution of experimentation and production methods employed by him. From cold, dark house, to warm, penetrating summer shine, to a beautiful night in Atlantic City with electric energy on the air, there's plenty of texture and tune to lose yourself in, and float away on, in this 15 year project. Ariel Powell Bearsnare Records electronic, dance, experimental, chill, breakbeat, house, electro-chill, psychedelic, ambient, guitar

  • Mr. Blueberry

  • Couples Crash Down

  • Kira

  • Turnpike on a Bike

  • Postoberfest

  • Winter Festival

  • Sleeping in Water Under the Stars

  • Requibath

  • Autumn and Sunshine

  • Ambiente

  • Snow

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